Last Built: Mar 06, 2020

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Special thanks go in particular to:

  • Guido van Rossum, and with him many others, for Python, and in particular for having metaclasses in Python: metaclasses make PyFFI’s implementation very easy.

  • m4444x for nifskope, which has been an inspiration for PyFFI’s xml based design, and of course also an inspiration for QSkope.

  • wz for his support, and for testing of the library, when the first version was being written.

  • seith for design of the windows installer artwork.

  • Crytek for releasing the Far Cry SDK and Crysis SDK, which contains much information about the cgf file format. This has saved many months of hard work.

  • Crytek and Bethesda for the great games they make.

  • Havok, for releasing their SDK without which custom mopp generation would not have been possible.

  • Karl Norby and Michael Summers for pyxsd, which forms the basis of the xsd object model, used for instance to support Collada.